My first map. It took me about 6 months to finish on 4th of April 2014.

It is original project converging Half-Life and Minecraft aesthetic in an experimental way.

Large urban style map featuring two railway stations,  few t-junctions, 4 bedroom house imported from Minecraft with 2 way portal, 4 one way teleports leading to rooftops, 2 elevators (technically teleports as well) and more.

It is rather large map with 22 spawnpoints.

Some railway related elements were imported from first 2 stages of Half-Life 2 single player game.

Massive help from Marla with detailing and lighting of this map.

Special thanks go to Outlaw, Neolantis, McGrandpa and Toecutter for all the help during development of this project.

Minecraft textures originally by Mojang. Source version of textures by Collide, Dampfundel, Marca.

Minecraft font by Mojang. Minecraft font for Windows by Andrew Tyler.




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