My first modification of video game content was done on Amiga 500 computer. I have substituted names and descriptions of characters from Mortal Kombat with names of my classmates from high school.

My next steps in modding took place on a PC platform. I used to convert various Heroes of Might and Magic IV maps from single and multiplayer mode to co-operative mode, therefore 2 or 3 players could play against unified forces led by computer AI.

Later on I used a little bit of level editors for Bethesda games. I tried G.E.C.K for Fallout 3, Construction Set for Oblivion and Creation Kit for Skyrim before I came across Minecraft editor called MCEdit.

MCEdit allowed me to manipulate Minecraft levels contained in the game save files. I could create or change type of multiple of blocks at the time. I could also clone ready elements to create bigger structures like for example creating high rise building from using single floor build.

At this stage I’ve already seen a few maps for Source engine converted from Minecraft. I wanted to experiment with converging Minecraft pixelated aesthetic and Source realistic aesthetic, and here my 3D journey began…



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